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The Legendar​y Tauran'creima

Courage's Books

These are the books TSC has published thus far. Enjoy.

The Legendary Tauran'creima: Star Beings of the Universe

For eons, across the cosmos, there has been speculation of a star unlike any other. A star very unique. Yet, countless beings do not believe in such things.

However, all those disbeliefs are put to rest when strange events start occurring. A mysterious character emerges, its intentions cryptic.

Yet, something about this individual gradually eases the tension amidst those doubtful, as the powerful light about the entity makes its motive, its purpose, known to all.

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The Legendary Taurean: The Knighthood of Courage

When a boy named Courage shatters his confinement within a holy jewel, he is tasked with searching for gems called Sacred Emeralds that have been lost for years beyond count.

A nameless evil lurks within the shadows of planet Venusia and its inhabitants need the hero's help if all is to end well.

Goddess Flowerensia depends upon Courage to venture into territory unknown to him to save the people and creatures of her kingdom, Velmelkia, if they are in danger by becoming a knight.

Will the hero succeed in his endeavor? Or will he succumb to the evil that threatens the dwellers of the goddess's blessed kingdom?

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(This book will be the last in this series.)